Stepan Personal Care's

5-Step Scalp Care Routine


The scalp could be one of the most easily overlooked areas of skin on the body, and it makes sense. Generally, it’s out of sight, out of mind. Perhaps you only think about it when issues arise like dandruff or itchiness caused by dry, cold weather. And if you think your regular hair shampoo and conditioner is good enough to target your scalp’s needs, think again!

Stepan Personal Care has designed a full scalp care regimen that can tackle issues such as dry skin and hair product build-up. 

  • Step 1 Pre-cleanse: Like a makeup remover for your scalp
  • Step 2 Cleansing shampoo: Removes the rest of the oil and build-up
  • Step 3 Scalp scrub: For deep cleaning that targets the scalp
  • Step 4 Hair mask: To add moisture back to the hair
  • Step 5 Scalp serum: End with nourishing your scalp

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