Personal Care Post Issue 4:

Men are Getting in the Anti-Aging Game!

Rising demand in Asia for men's personal care products!

PC Posts

Thank you for your interest in Stepan’s PC Post — an exclusive newsletter for the Asian personal care market. Published quarterly, the PC Post focuses on the region’s market trends and opportunities, as well as Stepan's products and formulation inspirations that can help you delight your customers and keep up with their needs. 

In this issue, you will learn that demand for men’s personal care products have outpaced the growth of overall personal care product sales in Asia. In addition, consumers are also looking for fresh, natural and/or organic ingredients, such as argan oil, and detoxifying agents in men's personal care offerings. Fill out the form to download PC Post, Issue 4 and read how Stepan's technologies meet these needs. Download the PC Post today!

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