As a leading global manufacturer of surfactants, Stepan Company is extending our reach and bolstering our alkoxylation portfolio to meet the varying, unmet needs of our customers. By way of a dedicated team of alkoxylation chemists and business development, formulators can expect a stronger Stepan portfolio in emulsifiers for agricultural actives, solubilizers for personal care formulations, and low foam chemistries and specialty nonionics with differentiated performance benefits that span across a wide range of markets and applications.

Whether its a formulation stability issue, a difficult soil to remove or a new active ingredient to emulsify, count on Stepan to deliver innovation, technical and sales support, and service that you've come to expect from a trusted partner. Our commitment to you as a customer doesn't start or end with which ingredient you'll buy from us, and we know your questions don't begin and end there either.

Turn to Stepan, your preferred nonionic supplier.