Stepan Company's Biocidal Catalog 

Stepan Company’s North America Biocide Catalog is a great reference for learning more about Stepan biocidal actives and highlights our U.S. and Canadian regulatory-approved end-use formulations available for sublicensing.  Stepan biocidal actives are used in wide variety of applications.  Most notably as sanitizers and disinfectants for use in home and institutional settings such as schools, offices, restaurants, hospitals, nursing home facilities and food processing plants. Stepan quaternaries are effective algaecides in swimming pools and industrial water treatment; bactericides in pulp and paper, as well as in oil and gas recovery processes; and fungicides for wood preservation. Diverse chemistries, a diverse formulation portfolio and a diverse team of Stepan technical experts available to help meet your cleaning and biocidal protection needs.   

Download our Stepan's North America Biocidal Catalog here. If you have an interest in a biocidal product for use outside of North America, please contact us