Stepan Company's Built-In Surfactant for Clethodim Common Grass Herbicides

Stepan Agricultural Solutions' STEPGROW® CL 101 is a built-in surfactant for clethodim that provides excellent emulsion and active ingredient stability for 240 g/L and 360 g/L finished formulations. 

Download Stepan's new Clethodim Brochure to learn how STEPGROW CL 101 is used in clethodim post-emergent herbicides to control annual and perennial grasses without affecting broadleaf crops.

斯泰潘农业解决方案的STEPGROW® CL 101是一种用于烯草酮的乳化剂,可为240克/升和360克/升乳油制剂提供出色的乳化和活性成分稳定性。

下载斯泰潘的烯草酮手册,了解 STEPGROW CL 101 如何用于烯草酮中,更高效地防除一年生和多年生禾本科杂草。