Spontaneous Imbibition Solutions

Efficiently Recover Mobile Oil

Simplify the mobile oil recovery process through spontaneous imbibition. This less expensive and less complex solution is ideal when the matrix rock is oil-wet and formation water is not readily imbibed into the rock in a spontaneous process. Adding a surfactant that can alter the wettability of the rock allows the formation water to more easily penetrate the low permeability matrix and displace the mobile oil.

Stepan Oilfield Solutions provides customized surfactant systems for spontaneous imbibition that help optimize your well treatments. Three formulated imbibition systems are currently offered by Stepan Oilfield Solutions, all of which can be customized to your specific needs.

During a production performance case study conducted by the Yates Field Unit, Stepan Oilfield Solutions' imbibition system resulted in an incremental oil production of 1,705 bbl per well over a 12-month period.

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Watch the Spontaneous Imbibition Workshop
— a Forum for a Fresh Look at EOR 

Join Stepan Oilfield Solutions’ Technical Director, Dr. Aaron Sanders, and Rockwater Energy Solutions’ Vice President of Technology, Brian Price, for Spontaneous Imbibition — a Forum for a Fresh Look at EOR. During the workshop, these industry experts discuss spontaneous imbibition and how move from design to application when it comes to oilfield chemistry.