Stepan Company Metalworking Additives Product Brochure 

Stepan Company supplies a wide range of products to the metalworking industry, including low-foaming emulsifiers, rust preventatives, additives for corrosion inhibition, extreme pressure additives and biocides. Our chemistries offer a variety of benefits for your metalworking formulation needs.

Stepan’s additives for metalworking can be used for the emulsification of components, act as coupling agents in soluble oils, semi-synthetic and synthetic fluids, and enhance metal cleaning performance.

Our phosphate esters can be used as a component in lubricants, gear and chain oils, metalworking fluids, hydraulic fluids and plasticizers. When used in metalworking fluids, our phosphate esters can function as extreme pressure agents in synthetic and semi-synthetic fluids.

Our amides can help tighten emulsions, improve rust prevention and provide lubricity.

Our range of hydrolytically stable esters can be used in high temperature applications and for improved lubrication properties. They can also act as a standalone chlorinated paraffin replacement or can be combined with phosphate esters for further formulation enhancements.

Download Stepan’s Metalworking Additives Brochure to learn more about the STEPAN® MWA product series for each of these chemistries.