Polymeric Dispersants Formulation Guide

for Aqueous Formulation Development

Are you looking to meet the growing demand for aqueous-based formulations?

Stepan Agricultural Solutions offers a versatile toolbox of polymeric dispersants and wetting agents capable of addressing your formulation challenges, including maintaining long-term dispersion stability.

Download Stepan's Polymeric Dispersants Formulation guide to access a summary of our STEP-FLOW® line of aqueous polymeric dispersants and recommended wetting agent co-formulants.

To save you time, the Stepan Agricultural Solutions team also has developed our Polymeric Dispersant Kit, that includes our recommended polymeric dispersants and paired wetting agents. Request a sample of the kit to jump-start your next development project.

Looking for More?

  • Download Stepan Agricultural Solutions' full Polymeric Solutions brochure for aqueous agricultural formulation development.
  • Learn how Stepan Agricultural Solutions can partner with you to help you grow through science.