a Premium Solution for Glufosinate Ammonium Soluble Liquid (SL) Formulations


Improving actives penetration is a key objective for the agricultural industry. In Asia particularly, boosting the performance of glufosinate ammonium, a widely used herbicide in the region, is a significant challenge. The Stepan Agricultural Solutions Asia team met this head on and developed STEPGROW GL 104 XTRA, a proprietary surfactant blend designed for glufosinate ammonium soluble liquid (SL) formulations. Glufosinate ammonium is a non-systemic herbicide with high activity, low toxicity and a good environmental compatibility profile. 

STEPGROW GL 104 XTRA can improve product performance beyond current industry standards, providing:

  • Superior field efficacy compared to market benchmarks in Asia
  • Demonstrated strong effectiveness against goosegrass and barnyardgrass
  • Enhanced penetration of active ingredient
  • Better inhibition of weed re-growth

Download the new STEPGROW GL 104 XTRA brochure and learn more today.